EKS Cluster import into Rancher-2.7 Error

I am importing existing EKS Cluster into Rancher-2.7.0.
Here is my setup on AWS

  1. Rancher 2.7 is installed on 3 node K3s cluster using helm
  2. EKS Cluster exists in Account-B
  3. IAM user account exists in Account-A
  4. IAM user can in Account-A can assume role in Account-B which has Full EKS permissions

I have validated with aws sts get-caller-identity and kubectl commands that IAM user in Account-A is able to get nodes, get pods etc which proves that the basic IAM setup is working as expected.

However, when I try to add AWS credential to Rancher before importing the cluster, I get “Authentication test failed, please check your credentials”. Please let me know how to troubleshoot the error.

EKS Cluster version: 1.21