Engine options not working

While adding a new host, I was unable to set engineInsecureRegistry and engineEnv.

It seems these parameters are just dropped when the JSON body is created, since they had a null value. I verified this in Firefox and Chrome.

Not only are there no errors reported in the UI, the host is added.

Has anyone else tried this?

Here are the related issues, which are closed, but may need to be re-opened.

Update: I successfully created a host with engineInsecureRegistry and engineEnv using the Rancher API, so it may just be a UI issue.

What version and machine provider? They seem fine to me:

  Rancher v0.51.0
  Cattle v0.130.0
  User Interface  v0.78.0
  Rancher Compose  v0.7.0

And Openstack is the “provider”