Error: 'Image [lb:latest] failed to pull: Error: image library/lb:latest not found'

I’m running Rancher Server 1.1.4.

While troubleshooting some LDAP issues on my single Rancher Server, I discovered that the following error is repeated over and over again, and has occurred hundreds of times for at least the last week.

2016-11-21 22:11:28,919 ERROR [asdasd-2e27-asdasd-b727-asdasdasd:7962207] [instance:8832->volume:8959] [instance.start->(InstanceStart)->volume.activate] [] [cutorService-17] [c.p.e.p.i.DefaultProcessInstanceImpl] Unknown exception io.cattle.platform.eventing.exception.EventExecutionException: Image [lb:latest] failed to pull: Error: image library/lb:latest not found

How could I start troubleshooting what the problem is here?

Are you sure that your image name is correct? Since the name is described as library/lb it means the image was specified without any prefix… image: lb:latest instead of image: user/lb:latest. There is no “top level” lb image at docker hub.

For example you can see but not

I thought this was something internal to Rancher, not a user-specified image.

I have never specified any image named ‘lb’, and I see no such image listed anywhere on this Rancher test cluster.

We do not have any image called lb. The balancer in 1.1.x is in rancher/agent-instance and in 1.2.x rancher/lb-service-haproxy.

Hm, okay… I’ll need to hunt down this thing named ‘lb’. Looks like one of my Docker hosts has this in the logs, which gives me a starting point:

Nov 21 15:00:51 cloud05 docker: time="2016-11-21T15:00:51.051768987-08:00" level=error msg="Not continuing with pull after error: Error: image library/lb:latest not found"

-= Stefan