Error installing Rancher OS to disk

Hello there! The problem I’m facing here is after doing everything in this video in sequential order and now during the ‘ros install command’ I get this:

Also, here is the cloud-config.yml file I created under the home directory of ‘rancher’ user.

Any help would be appreciated!

gosh - what kind and size disk are you installing on?

I have begun the work to get it to work on a gpt formated disk - it should
be activated using ros install -t gpt ... but if i remember correctly, it
has issues booting on a large disk

@SvenDowideit It’s a single RAID 0 with 5 2TB drives, how should I go about doing this?

mmm, wow, so you’re giving RancherOS a 10TB disk. mmm, I wonder if you can install to a smaller disk, then set up the larger array manually and set that as the RANCHER_STATE.

is this software RAID, or hardware RAID that just gives the OS the full virtual disk? (have you tried the -t gpt install option?)

I really need to put together some more complicated HW setups to test and develop for :confused:

@SvenDowideit It installed and asked to reboot and I did so, but it installed on the usb stick not the actual HDD