error reposync yum-utils on suse 12

hello guys, i’m newbie on suse
can i used yum-utils on suse linux enterprise?
i install yum and yum-utils from
but when i try to use reposync on suse, i got some error

kindly can you help me guys, thanks

@deniariefp089 Hi and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:
With SLE the tool to use is zypper for package management for updating the system (or if need a GUI YaST), assuming it’s registered and has active repositories?

I’m not sure if you saw the notice here:
If don’t get any other replies in a day or so from other forum users, would suggest you head over to the new Community and ask there? Suggest

Hello Malcomlewis,
Thank you for the reply, i use reposync or yum-utils because i want to create local repository on suse linux.

@deniariefp089 Hi, the look at setting up a local RMT server (it can be run on an openSUSE server), will work far better :wink:

Hi Pak malcolm,
thanks for the reference, i will try to using RMT server,
it work on suse linux version 12 SP3 ?

@deniariefp089 Hi, there is the predecessor SMT which should:

Hi pak malcolm thank you for the reference of RMT Server, i have installed rmt-server and create custom repository for centos but how i create custom repository for ubuntu or debian? it’s same ?

@deniariefp089 Hi, I would assume the same, it should work.