Errors creating persistent volumes

I am using rancher v2.5.7 on a CentOS 7 server, in this Rancher I have several clusters added with vSphere.

In one of these clusters I am trying to create a workload with a vsphere volume following the documentation: /

  1. First I go to the global view and open the cluster where I want to provide vSphere storage:

  2. In the main menu of the cluster I select Storage → Storage Classes:

  3. I click on add class inside Storage Classes:

  4. I put a name to the Storage Class and in the Provisioner I put VMWare vSphere Volume:

  5. The other options of the Storage Class are by default:

  6. I click on Save, I go to Projects / Namespaces and I go to my default project:

  7. In my default project I go to Deploy:

  8. I select the Workload Type of Stateful set of 1 pod:

  9. I go to volumes and select Add a new persistent volume (claim):

  10. I select Use a Storage Class to provision a new persistent volume and request for a 1 GiB Storage, then I click Define:

  11. In the mount point I put /persistent:

  12. I deploy the workload:

  13. And the pod gives me the following error: 0/3 nodes are available: 3 pod has unbound immediate PersistentVolumeClaims

  14. Now I get this error ‘Failed to provision volume with StorageClass “fast”: cloud provider not initialized properly’ when launching the following command ‘kubectl describe pvc pvcsc-vsan’:

How can I fix that?