"event router" hanging on startup. Any hints or suggestions?

I’m looking for hints/suggestions (or even what event router is!). I’m trying to get rancher agent to run for the first time (RHEL) in my environment and have gotten far enough that the second container launches (“rancher-agent”). This works beautifully for me on test servers in the cloud. However It’s hanging on launching rancher-agent. This appears to be part of the same container (ie. I see a stopped psdo-random container name + rancher-agent, but not a 3rd one in docker ps -a). Unfortunately I’m new and having problems finding enough useful to go on (like log files!!).
I can do docker exec -it bash -l which helps.

If it maters, the agent does NOT have access to docker.io, and rancher/agent & rancher/server are the only relevant images available.

Docker logs for the rancher-agent container.
INFO: Sending python-agent applied 1-fb8355b64dd7128ac38c76bcff29d08f5af80cdff0e094c8c838e2a4e634918b
INFO: Sending pyagent applied 1-9e3dcab12585149a65d818082279708965cd826df1937a55b24f48428f8f0c0644fc1033b5be15c88dcf9540b1c04c67
INFO: Starting agent /var/lib/cattle/pyagent/apply.sh
INFO: Executing /var/lib/cattle/pyagent/agent
INFO: Updating host-config
INFO: Downloading http://redacted-server-name:9191/v1//configcontent//host-config current=host-config-1-02fe29e8bed62ecc1aacfbee5f129375bb2c8d03b961040f4935d5ab017eab87
INFO: Already up to date
INFO: Sending host-config applied 1-02fe29e8bed62ecc1aacfbee5f129375bb2c8d03b961040f4935d5ab017eab87
time=“2017-01-05T18:26:35Z” level=info msg="Launching agent"
time=“2017-01-05T18:26:35Z” level=info msg="Listening for events on http://tppqv1b19.qa.tpp.tsysecom.com:9191/v1"
time=“2017-01-05T18:26:35Z” level=info msg="launching hostapi"
time=“2017-01-05T18:26:35Z” level=“info” msg=“Starting event router.”