Fail to get target node ID


I am installing Longhorn using Helm on a K3s cluster. All pods are running however I am unable to use LongHorn due to the following message:

fail to get the parameters: fail to get target node ID: cannot find a node that is ready and has the default engine image longhornio/longhorn-engine:v1.3.1 deployed

I am not sure where to look to fix,

Any suggestions please.

Thank you


Based on the messages returned, it appears that Longhorn could not find any nodes that had successfully deployed the engine image.

Could you use below three commands to check manager pod log, nodes status and engineimage deployment status.

  • Manager pod log: support bundle files (How to generate a Longhorn Support Bundle)
    • Or kubectl logs <longhorn-manager-pod-name> -n longhorn-system
  • Node stauts: kubectl get -n longhorn-system
  • Engineimage deployment status: kubectl describe -n longhorn-system