Failed to set up SSH tunneling for host [x.x.x.x]: Can't retrieve Docker Info: error during connect:

Rancher was working normally, so I added a new node and delete another, after this got error red error.
cannot proceed with upgrade of controlplane since 1 host(s) cannot be reached prior to upgrade.

Inside Provisioning Log this is the error.

[ERROR] Failed to set up SSH tunneling for host [x.x.x.x]: Can’t retrieve Docker Info: error during connect: Get “http://%2Fvar%2Frun%2Fdocker.sock/v1.24/info”: can not build dialer to [c-s5krx:m-42d66165b347]

Inside Conditions tab
Ready False 9 hours ago [Disconnected] Cluster agent is not connected

I used the Registration Command to add new nodes, but now I am not able to add more nodes with this error.


srw-rw---- 1 root docker 0 Nov 22 20:57 /var/run/docker.sock

| Status=Not/Inst/Conf-files/Unpacked/halF-conf/Half-inst/trig-aWait/Trig-pend
|/ Err?=(none)/Reinst-required (Status,Err: uppercase=bad)
||/ Name Version Architecture Description
ii openssh-server 1:8.9p1-3 amd64 secure shell (SSH) server, for secure access from remote machines

Docker info
Context: default
Debug Mode: false
app: Docker App (Docker Inc., v0.9.1-beta3)
buildx: Docker Buildx (Docker Inc., v0.9.1-docker)
compose: Docker Compose (Docker Inc., v2.14.1)
scan: Docker Scan (Docker Inc., v0.23.0)

Containers: 36
Running: 6
Paused: 0
Stopped: 30
Images: 13
Server Version: 20.10.22
Storage Driver: overlay2
Backing Filesystem: extfs
Supports d_type: true
Native Overlay Diff: true
userxattr: false
Logging Driver: json-file
Cgroup Driver: systemd
Cgroup Version: 2
Volume: local
Network: bridge host ipvlan macvlan null overlay
Log: awslogs fluentd gcplogs gelf journald json-file local logentries splunk syslog
Swarm: inactive
Runtimes: io.containerd.runc.v2 io.containerd.runtime.v1.linux runc
Default Runtime: runc
Init Binary: docker-init
containerd version: 78f51771157abb6c9ed224c22013cdf09962315d
runc version: v1.1.4-0-g5fd4c4d
init version: de40ad0
Security Options:
Profile: default
Kernel Version: 5.15.0-53-generic
Operating System: Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS
OSType: linux
Architecture: x86_64
CPUs: 1
Total Memory: 1.93GiB
Name: k8s-rancher-1
Docker Root Dir: /var/lib/docker
Debug Mode: false
Experimental: false
Insecure Registries:
Live Restore Enabled: false

Rancher v2.7.0