Failing to Assign Rancher Administrator role to OpenLDAP group

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The goal is to assign Rancher global Administrator role to an OpenLDAP group so that all users/members in that specific LDAP Group can access Rancher UI with admin privileges.

I follow the instruction from this - Configuring Global Permissions for Groups.

I have OpenLDAP authentication enabled in Rancher 2.4.3. I have rancher-admin OpenLDAP group that I assign the Rancher global Administrator role (in addition to Standard User role). As a user/member of the “rancher-admin” group, I should be able to login to Rancher UI with admin access. However, that’s not the case. It appears I only have Standard User permission since I do not see any resources (clusters, projects, etc.).

Thank you.

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I no longer have the issue after I updated the configuration for Users and Groups attributes base on these 2 links:


Thank you.