Feature request : ability to add custom entries in frontend and backend haproxy config

Hi !

We are very happy about the load balancer configuration process for now, but we miss some configuration options very useful with haproxy we are already using on non Rancher envs.

The need : We would like to customize the haproxy configuration in Rancher Load Balancer, but not only in “global” or “defaults” part, we would like to be able to add config entries in frontend and backend parts at least.

First method (modifying existing UI) :

Offer the opportunity to add optionnal frontend and backend extra config line in the “advanced routing options” menu of Rancher Load Balancer (for each target).

Second method (LB expert mode) :

Add a new menu entry in stack creation, which is a simple textarea for the entire haproxy.conf, and let the admin make his own haproxy config with template autfill variables (for example : {{backend_servers}} would be replaced by “server e2ada4f1-5ca2-40bc-aaf0-058de38fb7de \n server fed1a4f1-5ca2-40bc-aaf0-058dc38fb7ee” )

Third method (the community power) :

At least, can you give us the power to do this by providing a “consul-template” tool alternative working with your Rancher discovery service ?

It would allow us to write complex configuration (not only for haproxy use cases), without having the hassle to code our own Rancher change notification tool / templating engine.

Thanks for reading and listening for any comments !

It sounds like you are looking for this issue, which is coming out in v1.2.0, which would do the first method.


Yes it is !

Thanks for the link !