Feature request: configuration files

It is common for a docker container to have a configuration file. Instructions for such containers say mount the file into the container as a volume. This works locally but will not work on rancher unless the file is first created on the host.

It would be really cool, if one of the advanced settings of a container was configuration file. You could specify the configuration file location (for the container) and the contents, then rancher would create a file and mount it into the container.

I know there are a couple work arounds, but they all require creating a second container.

  1. Use a “file only” container and use “volumes_from”
  2. Create a second container which wraps the first but adds the config file.
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I don’t know if we’d be able to directly do this as we have some workarounds today, but I’d suggest creating a Github issue for this. That’s where we track our feature requests. I didn’t want to create one for you because with bigger features, I think it’s best to come from the person who suggested it.

What’s the status of this? Is there a link to the Github issue? Thanks!