Flashplayer fir Firefox

My frustration is with the Linux Flashplayer. I run a Dell Inspiron 660 which came with Windows 7 preinstalled. I subscribed to a movie from the Amazon movie sit and that movie runs perfectly in Windows.

Not so in SuSE 12.2 on the same system, same hardware. No matter what I do, I keep being told to install the flashplayer. And that is:

flash-plugin- (one option of three)

To test the system, I installed it into its own folder so that I could check to see where the various files should be. And that is:

/usr/bin lib lib64 and share

libflashplayer.so in the Firefox plugins folder

All files are in fact there yet the player will not work.

Anyone having some helpful ideas will be making my day here!

Thanks in advance!

Also kindly reply to: hq(dot)the(dot)alfanut@gmail(dot)com

Not so in SuSE 12.2[/QUOTE]

Given that SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop is currently at version 11 and the latest version of openSUSE is 12.2, I infer from your mention of ‘SuSE 12.2’ that you are are using openSUSE. In which case you want the openSUSE forums.

Thanks, Mike. I started there and was redirected to the Novell site? Still am amateur at this game; haven’t used Forums in ages although I’ve been around? Will try there.

I’m not good at English, but I’ll try to write …
Check the settings in Firefox which version of shockwave. Download this version of flash and try the command line using sudo copy libflashplayer.so to the folder /usr /lib and usr/lib/firefox- $version/plugins.