Following Quick Start Guide, Rancher server hangs during startup

I’m following the Quick Start Guide precisely, using the recommended Ubuntu version on a t2.small (2GB) EC2 instance. While watching the logs for “… Startup Succeeded, Listening on port…”, I get a whole bunch of output ending with the line:

time=“2017-04-28T16:53:11Z” level=info msg=“Creating schema host, roles [readonly]” id=1ds36

At this point, nothing more happens. I’ve let the system sit as is for at least an hour (went to lunch), and it never goes any further.

I’m running in a VPC with no unusual restrictions placed on it. Outgoing connections to the internet are not blocked in any way. I pretty much used all of the default options when creating my instance.

Have I missed something? Can anyone offer any insights or suggestions?

TIA for any help.

The “Startup Succeeded” line will be a hundred-ish lines up from there… a variety of other stuff happens asynchronously on first startup after the server is up, in this case registering machine drivers. Nothing more happens because there’s nothing else going on.

Doh! I didn’t RTFM. It says right there:

“This line of the logs is almost immediately after the configuration is complete. There may be additional logs after this output, so please don’t assume it will be the last line of the logs upon initialization.”

So I did miss something. I was assuming otherwise. I thought I’d tried to reach the server after getting to this point, but maybe I just screwed up doing that and assumed the server hadn’t fully started yet. I’m not at a place at the moment where I can test the server, but I’m guessing that it’s working fine.

I’m glad it was just me being stupid. Despite being a seasoned devops guy, I do that sometimes (often?). Thanks mucho for your help!