Foreman puppet install: Failed to add add-on product.

Hi there,
I used to have a working setup for automated installs with foreman, and now without any changes from my side the install fails.

I’m greeted with the error: “Failed to add add-on product.” when the installer tries to install puppet from puppetlabs.

The relevant part from the xml install config file:

puppet puppet / true true true

This is the relevant output from the proxy when the install hangs:

785:1503654289.898 0 TCP_MEM_HIT/200 761 HEAD - HIER_NONE/- application/xml
786:1503654289.901 0 TCP_MEM_HIT/200 1556 GET - HIER_NONE/- text/plain
787:1503654289.901 0 TCP_MEM_HIT/200 2442 GET - HIER_NONE/- application/pgp-keys
788:1503654289.906 0 TCP_MEM_HIT/200 3280 GET - HIER_NONE/- application/xml

And the next line and a few more happen after I manually install puppet using the same proxy.

789:1503654297.219 66 TCP_REFRESH_UNMODIFIED/200 7890 GET

So we can safely assume, there is no network problem, there are no dirty cache files, it’s the installer itself that has a problem.

Who can tell me what causes this problem?


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