ftp no route to host

my os is suse12sp5, there’s no ftp. and stop the firewall. I can ping the distination ip succussfully.
try this cmd, ftp xxx.xx.xx.xx. then I entered user and password.
console returns as follow:

230 loggin succuss
max-retries exceed
fatal error: no route to host.
Then I down the os version to suse11, ftp connect succussfully.
would you please help me to solve this problem?

please help me find a work-around on suse12sp5

@kun Hi and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:
Perhaps add some debug or try active mode to provide more information.

ftp -A -d xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

Could be the version of ftp running on the remote host as well, some incompatibility especially security, what is running on the remote vsftpd, other?

downgrade to suse11 ?ftp to the third party worked
on suse12?we use lftp.

set passive-mod off
@malcolmlewis very much thanks,sir

i set passive-mod off its working for me thanks for the post <3