Fundamental understanding problem -- pods cannot be scheduled on nodes that DON'T run longhorn

Hi all,

I seem to have not understood something basic about longhorn. I have 3 dedicated nodes for longhorn that have excessive storage. No other pods than longhorn should run there. I have 9 other worker nodes for all other pods.
Now when I create a PVC with the longhorn storage class and create a pod that mounts this, the pod is scheduled on a node that is NOT one of the 3 longhorn nodes. Upon pod creation, it states that it cannot attach the volume due to the node not being found.

I thought this should work. With my current scenario, I can only use PVC with pods that I schedule on one of the 3 longhorn nodes, but that for sure can’t be intentional? That would basically be the same as hostPath volumes…

In order to achieve your desired usecase, some Longhorn components need to run on the 9 worker nodes to prepare/create/attach/mount Longhorn volume for your worker nodes. See this doc for more details Tip: Set Longhorn To Only Use Storage On A Specific Set Of Nodes | The Longhorn Knowledge Base