Git Helm Catalog untrusted certificate

I installed rancher with a custom CA certificate.

That certificates exists in the cluster and the installation been working fine.

Now when i try to add a git catalog that uses the same CA it says the CA is untrusted.
I ve checked the rancher nodes can connect do the catalog without a problem but inside the pods the CA isnt trusted

What do you mean by this? Did you add the certificate secret tls-ca-additional to the cattle-system namespace? That is what I had to do to get Helm charts to work.

My english there was rather bad…

I meant those certificates are insade the rancher pods.

But dont worry i was able to solve my problem.

I already had placed the main CA but it wasnt enough. Seems like rancher was having some problems with the sub-ca. So i changed the tls-ca-additional secret to contain the full CA chain