Good way to save a Support Ticket from SUSE SCC as a PDF ?

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I would like to save a Support Ticket from SCC (SUSE Customer Center) - including the opening description and all its updates - to a PDF file.

If I use the new “Support Tickets” page (in this case for “Closed” Service Requests) - - and I click on one of the Support Tickets, then I get a “404 Error - Page not found” error web page. However, I suppose that error is normal given that, on the “Support Tickets” web page, a warning appears, near the top of the page, saying that “We are still working on the new Support page. In the meantime please use the current interface available here.

If I click on that link to the “current interface”, I’m redirected to the “old” SCC user interface with the “Service Requests” web page loaded. Then, if I double click on one of the SR, the corresponding page for that Service Request opens. In that case, I do have a black horizontal bar at the bottom of the screen, with one “Print” link near the right hand side. However, regardless if I choose the “Full” or the “Simple” options, the Print preview that appears in both cases looks rather unformatted and incomplete (lacking any Updates to the SR).

So, is there any good way to completely save a Support Ticket / Service Request to a PDF, including the opening Description and all the Updates?

Thanks in advance.

Ricardo Dias Marques
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