Google OAuth in Rancher with Multiple Domains


We have a Rancher 2.6.3 running e using authentication with Google OAuth.

The users of domain are placed in a Google group and they can login in Rancher with Google credentials.

Now our organization created a new domain in Google and their users need login in Rancher.

We add the users from new domain in group, but the users can’t login. They receive a “invalid username or password” message in Rancher login.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to add a second domain to authenticate with Google OAuth in Rancher, so that users from and can log in Rancher?

We searched the internet but couldn’t find any reference about it.
In the Rancher documentation it says to provide the exact domain that was configured on google, but nothing about using more than one domain.

Thanks for help.

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a bit late to the party myself, but did you ever have any luck with this? I seem to have run into the same problem with multiple domains.