HA; cron and mount


I want to change a single server - SLES 11 SP1 - into a two server HA
To have a service IP and openldap run on the server does not seem to be
a problem.

There are now two scripts started by cron on the server. Each of them
can only run at one server at a time in the cluster.
One of the scripts requires a NFS spool to be mounted.

The goal is to only have the two script and the mount active on the
server with the service IP.

What is the best way to get this managed by the HA cluster software?
Are there any useful recource agents available?


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Hi Hans,

pacemaker has an IPAddr2 agent for the IP address, a FileSystem agent,
which handles NFS as well as other mounts quite nicely - and when you
change your scripts to operate as LSB scripts, then you have the
corresponding agent at hand, too. When you define a colocation
constraint, you should be where you want to be.

If you really need/want to run your scripts from within cron, then a
simple check for the prereqs (IP address and/or mount) at script startup
should be sufficient.

With regards

from the times when today’s “old school” was “new school” :eek:

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