I’ve configured a two-node DRBD cluster with a handful of resources/volumes. Each of the volumes is exported/shared from the DRBD primary node using iscsitarget (iSCSI Enterprise Target - IET). The secondary node is not exported/shared using iSCSI - It’s only a duplicate of the primary node.

How can I use Corosync+Pacemaker to make the iSCSI service highly available using the DRBD secondary node?

Eric Pretorious
Truckee, CA

The LinBit Tech Guide “Highly available iSCSI with DRBD and Pacemaker” seems to address this scenario/use-case perfectly.

I’ll report back (here) after I’ve had time to read it and try out the instructions that it provides. :smiley:

Yes, the tech guide “Highly available iSCSI with DRBD and Pacemaker” is an excellent resource. (See my other post “HA SAN with iSCSI+DRBD” for more insight into my experience converting Linbit’s recipe to suit my needs.)

Eric P