Having issues with automount of encrypted filesystem

Background: SLES 12 running on VMware

Experimenting with a subsidiary filesystem ( /var/encrypt ) that resides on an LVM defined logical volume & volume group. I defined the encrypted volume/filesystem during the install process.
After the install finished and the reboot (with having to manually enter the password for the encrypted filesystem), the contents of:
cr_var_encrypt /dev/encrypt_vg/test01_lv none none

/etc/fstab (relevant to the encrypted filesystem):
/dev/mapper/cr_var_encrypt /var/encrypt xfs auto,nofail 0 2

I’m trying to have the encrypted filesystem auto-mounted during the boot process so that we don’t have to have a console window open while doing a reboot.

From reading the man pages on “crypttab”, “cryptsetup” and dmsetup, supposedly I should be able to enter an absolute path filename into the third parameter of the “crypttab” file. That file would contain the password (without a new-line).

When I do make that change, the boot process either (1) still asks for the password to be entered manually or (2) totally fails to mount the encrypted filesystem.

I realize that I must be missing something but after doing web searches and getting back information on “cryptsetup” (which supposedly maintains the /etc/crypttab file) about people trying to auto-mount /home I’m still not able get the secondary filesystem to auto-mount.

I could really use some advice on how get the auto-mount to start working.

Never mind. Applied one action that I was skipping and it started working.