Helm-Catalog parsing problem

i try to use some extended Sem.-Versions like ‘server-1.0.0-DEV-RS’ and get the following error message:

[ERROR] CatalogController x [catalog] failed with : failed to update templates. Multiple error occurred: [TemplateVersion.management.cattle.io “service-0.0.0-DEV-RS” is invalid: metadata.name: Invalid value: “service-0.0.0-DEV-RS”: a DNS-1123 subdomain must consist of lower case alphanumeric characters, ‘-’ or ‘.’, and must start and end with an alphanumeric character (e.g. ‘…’, regex used for validation is [’…]

Its a bug or a feature :)?

(Ranger v2.1.3)


So, try service-0.0.0-dev-rs instead

@damlub Yes this works, but why are versions subdomains? I want to supply a Helm-Chart-Version.

I have the same problem and do not understand why the version string ‘1.0.0-SNAPSHOT’ can’t be used.

Here (https://helm.sh/docs/topics/charts/#the-chartyaml-file) it says:

The Chart.yaml file is required for a chart. It contains the following fields:

version: A SemVer 2 version (required)

Here (https://semver.org/#spec-item-9) it says that uppercase characters are ok to use:

A pre-release version MAY be denoted by appending a hyphen and a series of dot separated identifiers immediately following the patch version. Identifiers MUST comprise only ASCII alphanumerics and hyphen [0-9A-Za-z-].

I opened this issue: https://github.com/rancher/rancher/issues/26647