Helm frozen Kubernetes CLI


I am using Rancher HA AWS Terraform example and everything works fine with deployment, however after launching kubernetes cluster, I get two issue…

  1. kubectl throws error to connect from my laptop (Rancher Servers are behind AWS loadbalancer).
    Unable to connect to the server: dial tcp i/o timeout

  2. When i try using helm from Rancher Kubernetes CLI, helm version or helm list will get frozen and dont return any value.
    However if i just use helm it displays all helm help command list.

It tries to connect to, is that were the LB is? It uses the URL you are using to visit the UI to generate the .kube/config. It can’t connect to it right now.

Does the helm list command also hang when you first execute helm init and helm repo update ?


I am using AWS ELB which is in rancher generated kubernetes config. The public ip i have in my earier message is one of rancher deployed host for kubernetes cluster.

Are there any perticular firewall ports i require to open to connect to rancher created kubernetes cluster host via AWS ELB’s from my laptop ? I used Terraform Rancher HA example template to build this infrastructure in AWS.

Will try updating helm repo and will let you know result.

Many Thanks,