Help with F5 External LB w/ Self-Signed Cert

Hi, I’m trying to get the community F5 external LB “plug-in” working and seem to have hit a wall with our configuration. The F5 has a self-signed cert and as such the F5 service can’t log in, it reports a 404 error. I’ve dug around a bit online to see if anyone had and solved this problem but haven’t found anything and I’m hoping someone has an idea on how I can get this feature working with the self-signed certificate?

I wouldn’t image you’d get a 404 if there was a TLS error so I’d imagine that isn’t your problem.

If it is, the only thing I can think of is to somehow have the certificate installed and trusted in the external-lb container that’s launched - but this will of course be temporary and things will revert on destroy and create.

It’s Alpine Linux but I believe it’s roughly the same process as many other distros:

  1. Drop the certificate here: /usr/share/ca-certificates
  2. Run update-ca-certificates

I’ve never done this myself so some trial and error may be involved.