How can I change the "rancher/shell" image?

Hi there,

I’m using rancher helm chart to install Rancher dashboard to my air gapped kubernetes environment.
When I’m installing the rancher chart on kubernetes, I see it’s creating so many helm-operation-xxxx pod on cattle-system namespace. It can’t pull the rancher/shell:v0.1.14 image, because my kubernetes cluster is air gapped and has no access to internet !

How can I change the rancher/shell:v0.1.14 image to myprivateregistry:5000/rancher/shell:v0.1.14 ?

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I haven’t tried it but I think that’s the systemDefaultRegistry option? (see Rancher Docs: Rancher Helm Chart Options for the documentation page on options).

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Thank you so much :pray: :pray: :pray:

Do you know how can I disable it entirely?

No clue, but my guess would be that you probably can’t. Since people use registries for running jobs and the idea behind having a Kubernetes cluster would be to run something I think having a Docker registry of some sort somewhere was likely taken as assumed.