How can I disable helm-operation-** pods creation

How can I disable creating pods with helm-operation-** name when installing rancher dashboard?

I disabled all feature flags like fleet and harvester and others but it creates helm-operations!!

When you install things through the Rancher UI it spawns containers to do the Helm runs for them and I think that’s just how it is. They shouldn’t be long-running, just single run tasks that would show completed instead of running and I assume they’ll purge from history at some point.
If it bugs you to have them there you could manually do Helm installs via CLI with a Helm binary instead of going through the Rancher UI, but you may run the risk of less integration with the UI if you miss options that way and you’re also (obviously) missing out on the convenience of the UI.
You might also be able to purge them from the history faster if they bug you.