How can I restore the cluster where fail to add nodes?

when adding nodes to a cluster ,the cluster is unavilable.

but if there’s something wrong with the new adding nodes, the cluster keeps disactive,although I delete the disabled nodes, the cluster still can’t work .

so if there’s any way to restore the cluster where agent nodes adding unsuccessful?

I recently added 6 worker nodes, using: ‘rke up --update-only’

My cluster & workloads stayed up & available through the entire process and it worked like a charm. Took about 4-5 minutes in total. Most time was spent pulling images.

thx .

now whenever before update the cluster , I try to make a backup

Regarding backups, you can add configurations in the cluster.yml to automatically take periodic etcd snapshots on all the etcd servers.

    snapshot: true # enables recurring etcd snapshots
    creation: 8h0s # time increment between snapshots
    retention: 48h # time increment before snapshot purge