How can I retrieve user-data on CloudStack

I’m trying to automate deployment of nodes on a CloudStack based provider.

Everything makes sense, and I can create a template for nodes to boot. However, the one thing I haven’t yet worked out how to retrieve user-data and include it in cloud-config.yml for use at first boot.

Cloudstack provides this data in a similar fashion to aws, but instead of being accessible on a fixed IP, it is accessible on the DHCP server IP:

How could I programmatically retrieve the DHCP server ip address and use that as a datasource? The command in the above link doesn’t work on rancheros, but I could locate the DHCP offer in the log files. Is there a cleaner way than writing a script to parse it from there?

Thanks in advance for any pointers.

i found this post and want to revitalize it.

Cloud-init supports cloudstack (verified using both centos and ubuntu cloud images)

The question is if rancherOS supports it.
I really hope i can be done.


Unless CloudStack also supports a config drive, I don’t think RancherOS currently supports it. I recommend filing a feature request for this.


Nope, it seems CloudStack does’nt support configdrive.

I started out trying to use a custom init script could do the job, but I did’nt find where to get dhcp lease info in RancherOS.