How do I remove the agent from K8S hosts?

Hi, we have a K8S cluster and had an older, unused instance of Rancher 2.0 with it imported. Since we no longer had the passwords for Rancher I deleted that container and ran the latest version. Unfortunately this doesn’t stop the Rancher agents on the hosts and the new Rancher instance starts complaining of certificate errors. I’ve tried removing the Rancher/agent containers but they keep restarting. How do I remove those completely form the K8S hosts so I can start over?

Ah, just a little more info.

I re-imported the cluster into my new Rancher instance and it fixed the workers, I assume by redeploying the agents. Didn’t fix the Control Plane server though. I’m still getting http: TLS handshake error from remote error: tls: bad certificate at regular intervals but just for the one K8S master server.