How to access Kubernetes api from outside of Rancher

I need to access K8S api from outside of Rancher for Prometheus metrics, but I don’t know how to specify the token.

Here are the available parameters in Prometheus we can use to discover Kubernetes, we can either use “basic_auth”, “bearer_token” or “bearer_token_file” to access api server:

[ api_server: ]

Optional authentication information used to authenticate to the API server.

Note that basic_auth, bearer_token and bearer_token_file options are

mutually exclusive.

Optional HTTP basic authentication information.

[ username: ]
[ password: ]

Optional bearer token authentication information.

[ bearer_token: ]

Optional bearer token file authentication information.

[ bearer_token_file: ]
So, how can I find the value of api server url and authentication values (“basic_auth”, “bearer_token” or “bearer_token_file”)?

Thanks for the help.