How to add a new extra_binds argument to kubelet service of RKE cluster that was provisioned with Rancher

I need to add an additional local volume via an extra-binds argument on kubelet service for an RKE (v1.18.9) cluster that was provisioned by Rancher v2.4.8 . How do I do this for an existing cluster?

You should be able to do this by updating the cluster.yaml for the RKE cluster, as shown in the docs

To update the cluster.yaml for your cluster, go to the Edit Cluster on the Cluster Manager UI and click on Edit as YAML next to the Cluster Option fields.

Thank you for the response, This is what I expected to do. However the Edit as YAML option simply was not there for this cluster that provisioned by Rancher (via Rancher UI pointing at Custom Nodes). Luckily I was not too far along with this cluster so I tore it down and brought it up externally via rke up and then imported it into Rancher… That way I have access to update it outside of Rancher with the cluster.yml I used to bring it up.