How to create dynamic service (specific LB for example)?


maybe you guys can help me, i’m trying to build a container service (in catalog pretty soon) that pull metadata from rancher to update it’s own configuration.
the idea is whenever i start (or stop) a container with specific labels, it will update my container services configurations .

any clues will be very helpful! :slight_smile:

Hi Xinity,

Not sure if it helps but i wrote a dynamic haproxy loadbalancer that queries labels to do dynamic loadbalancing, you could use that as an inspiration to get the info your looking at

Specifically look at
This queries the rancher metadata service for containers that have a label to include into the loadbalancer


Hi Brendan,

Thanks for your reply! i’ll take a closer look at your repo, indeed that’s a way to achieve my goal :slight_smile:

i’ll see how i can “hack” to build my own service.

i’ll keep you in touch