How to deploy in existing cluster?

Hi all, that might be a stupid question - but how can I deploy a “production-ready” Rancher instance in an existing k8s cluster? I didn’t find this in the docs …

thanks for any help!

You setup rancher outside of the k8 cluster in the same way as the docs list, then when inside Rancher, when you create a cluster there is an “Import” button to import existing k8 clusters. Rancher itself runs outside the cluster.

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weeeeeeell … I would strongly disagree. :slight_smile: to quote the docs here:

This set of instructions creates a new Kubernetes cluster that’s dedicated to running Rancher in a high-availability (HA) configuration. This procedure walks you through setting up a 3-node cluster using the Rancher Kubernetes Engine (RKE). The cluster’s sole purpose is running pods for Rancher.

So IMHO this should be possible. I just want to know the manual steps, cause I already have a cluster. :wink:

You’re trying to deploy Rancher Server into your existing cluster? I don’t think THAT is possible, I know it’s not recommended… Rancher Server should be running separately from your workloads.

Again I would disagree. Why should it? Rancher itself is also just a workload. And I don’t need to manage all of my clusters with it :wink:

It is possible, you can run it as a deployment. But it’s not documented because it’s not generally a good idea, and it is not just another workload. It’s a workload which creates CRDs that control access to all other clusters tied to it, now running on your existing cluster that probably has very coarse RBAC to control who can modify them, if RBAC is enabled at all.