How to get environment ID in rancher

How to get environment ID in rancher
IS there any standard steps for integrate Jenkins with rancher

Rancher 2 doesn’t have a concept of Environment Id, nor does Kubernetes. So, I’m not sure what you’re asking to pull. As to Jenkins, integrate can mean a lot of things. What are you trying to accomplish with Rancher and Jenkins?

Currently we are doing manual deploy in workloads via rancher ui. We are trying to do via jenkins

pull image from nexus repository and push into rancher. could u guide me which plugin needs to use.

Could you help this?


The I believe that’s from the Rancher 1 Jenkins plugin. It does not work with Rancher 2.

We don’t have specific advice, this post was written a while back, but is far from up to date.

If you haven’t yet, please join the rancher-users workspace at We have a specific #ci-cd channel there and there is regular conversation around Jenkins.

I have joined slack am not getting reply my queries mostly!!
one more help is required. We have configured self signed certificate. using below commands
docker run -d --restart=unless-stopped -p 80:80 -p 443:443 -v /home/sara/devranchercrt.pem:/etc/rancher/ssl/devranchercrt.pem -v /home/sara/devrancherkey.pem:/etc/rancher/ssl/devrancherkey.pem rancher/rancher:latest --no-cacerts
and also we are running rancher cli

./rancher login --token token-9tlrf:rj5sb2z8ht58jwmvpmsl5j42dtnwds7kwk6vfpff2td8hsdpk5bh9g

we are getting “No certs was not found” is there any specific configuration needs to do

The cert files need to be mounted in as /etc/rancher/ssl/cert.pem and key.pem (and cacerts.pem, if needed). The container has no idea to look for “devrancher” files.

we have done same format crt.pem and key.pem only!!!

cert.pem, with an e.

name should be cert.pem and key.pem is this unique name.

Hi Sara.

If you are using rancher 2.x, then you should use another jenkins plugin for redeploy rancher 2 workload. The one that you are using is rancher 1- specific plugin and doesn’t work in rancher 2.

Install that plugin which also has good explanation about parameters.

Thanks !! momo

credentials i need to use rancher one?

as i am running rancher with self certificate am not able to connect through jenkins

I have same issue with sara.I can’t choose credentials on jenkins free style jobs.Any help?