How to get right value for externalId when using LDAP

Hi All,

in regards to Method not allowed when registering project members using API i would like to know how i can get the right value of externalId of an Account using API v2-beta with LDAP authentification enabled.

With localauth the problem is quite easy as externalId equals the login name. But with LDAP enabled it seems that i have to provide a value like “CN=ldap- username,OU=Users,OU=UserAccounts,OU=DE,DC=example,DC=com”. Using the Rancher UI i can type in my short domain login name and Rancher somehow seems to get the right value with all the search base things inside. So my question is, which API request i have to do to get this value?

GET /v2-beta/identities?name=foo

Thanks Vincent. Works great.