how to install apache mpm-itk from build service?

Hi All,

I want to run Apache2 with the itk mpm instead of prefork; I’m running SLES 11 SP2 on amazon EC2. I noticed the itk package wasn’t in the yast default software repo so I did a search and it turned up at If you scroll down the page, there is a version built for SLES 11 SP2.

The problem is, currently the version of apache used by SLES 11 SP2 is apache 2.2.12, and the mpm-itk package is for apache 2.2.22.

Is there way to get mpm-itk installed on my system without replacing the entire apache, mod_php, etc with the 2.2.22 versions from the build service? Maybe a way I can get the build service to build against apache 2.2.12?

Otherwise I suppose I can download the apache 2.2.12 source rpm, apply the itk patches, and enjoy… right?

Since ‘The “ITK” MPM (Multi-Processing Module) is experimental and NOT
officially endorsed by the Apache Software Foundation, so it may or may
not work as expected.’

You might as well upgrade to 2.2.22? Just add the apache repository?

YMMV with respect to security fixes…

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Thanks, that worked nicely and solved all the dependencies with no headaches. Next question: how did you know the url of the apache repository? Does one just browse around at until they find their desired software and platform?

Just knowledge of the Open Build Service (I do a little bit of
packaging/maintaining on the openSUSE side).

If you use the search feature here and select your distribution
(little spanner to the right of search) and click on the ‘show unstable

Then click on the Apache name and it will take you to the
Open Build Service project for that package.

Check the package information for the “Devel package for
openSUSE:Factory” this will ensure it’s maintained… :wink:

Then in the ‘Build Results’ to the right click on the distribution name
eg SLE_11_SP2 and this will take you to the list of rpms built, but it
also has a link at the top ‘Go to download repository’ which will give
you the URL to add as a repository.

I would recommend this way rather that just a 1-click install…

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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Thanks for the info.

Unfortunately, apache from the build service won’t run, it says there is an undefined symbol ‘apr_list_maintain’.

So, it looks like there is an apache recompile in my future, regardless if I use mpm-itk or suexec :frowning:

Thank you for your help, maybe I’ll add it to the build service if I’m successful