How to install plugin in elasticsearch-2 cluster?

How to install plugins on the cluster elastichsearch_2 from Cattle catalog? I’m interested in plugin for snapshots s3.

If i install it in datanode by command bin install, when i scale node plugins not sync

Is an any body can help!

PLEASE! i spend 2 weeks!

Same problem.
I looked at it and I think you need to create your own elasticsearch-conf image.

the config is here

pretty unsure how to build it,because it is build with confd. never used until yet.
Look like there is an easy way to install plugins over listing in a txt file and it get’s automatically installed.

sorry was wrong.

in the docker compose file, you can change
image: elasticsearch:2.2.2.
to a newer version or you build your own image and replace it in the compose file.

just additional,
I have created my own image with some plugins and the two web UI (HQ and kopf),

changed the image in the compose file and it works.

there is thing I discoverd, that you can not attach your own elasticsearch.yml (config file), the elasticsearch config is automatically created from the elasticsearch-conf image with the metadata from the rancher api.