How to install the gcc compiler on SLE Micro?

I am trying to install the gcc compiler in SLE Micro, but seem to hit a wall on dependencies. How can I easily install the gcc compiler and all required dependencies? I tried using transactional-update but I seem to hit a wall on the binutils. Is there also a way to install the gcc compiler with automatic dependencies?

@marcopas Hi as your user install a distribox instance an use that for development? Else use ‘transactional-update pkg install gcc’ or can always drop into a shell and use zypper with ‘transactional-update shell’ and use zypper exit and reboot

Is there a special repository or something that i need to enable?? I get the message gcc not found in packagenames And no provider of gcc found

@marcopas Hi, so as your use if your use zypper se gcc or cnf gcc (may need to install command-not-found) it doesn’t return any results about adding a repository?

What version of SLE Micro, 5.5? If so SUSEConnect -p PackageHub/15.5/x86_64 provides gcc10. Drop the version number down to 15.4 for 5.4.

What is the end use for gcc on the system?

Hello, please first check if the package you are looking for is in the Packages section (SUSE Packages).

If your sles micro is 5.4

SUSEConnect -p PackageHub/15.4/x86_64

transactional-update pkg install gcc