How to migrate the SLES for SAP Power 12SP5 to 15SP5


Please help me the process, how to migrate the SLSE for SAP on Power machine to SLES for SAP on Power Machine 15SP5.


To upgrade from SLES for SAP Applications 12 SP5 to 15 SP5 you will need to perform an offline upgrade. Please see SLES for SAP 15 SP5 | Guide | Planning the installation which will direct you to the (regular) SLES Upgrade Guide at SLES 15 SP5 | Upgrade Guide | Upgrade paths and methods


I am looking for OS migration from 12Sp to 15Sp which are on build on top of power machine.

Please see the second link which I included in my previous reply - you should read section 2 then follow sections 3 and 4.