How to orchestrate Rancher?


Thanks for nice platform! It’s very amazing and useful! But I have question - how I can orchestrate rancher installation and configuration/ I want avoid steps in WebUI. It will be great if I could install server, add hosts and install agents there, configure server, add registry and add application by some command line tool.

Is it possible ? may be via API ? Any advise or docs ?

This old forum post should help answer what you’re looking to do:

We have creation of Rancher Hosts automated by using CoreOS images under VMWare combined with a cloud-config.yaml. With this, we can simply deploy a new VM from the template and it will start up, start the Rancher agent, and hook itself into the appropriate Environment. A similay cusotmised cloud-config configures and starts up the Rancher server itself. So, we just need to use the VMWare orchestration to deploy new Hosts.