How to patch SLES to a specific patch-date?


for SLES updates we usually do zypper migration ; zypper patch. Now staying at SLES15-SP5, that SP4 or 5 doesn’t mean a specific set of patches. While being at SP5 we notice, there are still intermediate patches arriving.

That leads to the situation, when we patch a validation server and do a validation over whatever time like 2 weeks, then patching the production server could lead to some recent patches not being validated.
How is it possible to patch to that specific date that the validation server was patched to?

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@msb Hi and welcome to the Forum :smile: Maybe look at using SUSE Manager or RMT server to create a staging repo?

Does that mean, updating to a specific patch-revision is not possible directly with zypper and I always need an intermediate RMT server? At customer sites we usually don’t deploy a repository server. Could that be run on the same server without much overhead?

@msb so the systems in question are air-gapped, or have internet access? Or you visit the Customer sites to apply updates?

Of course we are doing this remotely. System has internet access.
Sure, we could create a repository server on our site and use that via ssh/VPN or stuff…

Is it generally possible to get RPMs of recent version from Suse servers? Couldn’t we just create a list of all packages and version installed on the first server and just copy the list of RPMs to the second server or doing rpm -i only for the specific list of packages?

@msb using SUSE Manager or RMT to deploy will keep up with the licenses of systems as well… (audit time).

Sure you could create a local repository for the relevant rpms with the likes of createrepo to pop them into, then add this location to the remote systems.

Note that unlike it’s predecessor SMT, RMT does not handle staging so unless you stop sync’ing repositories at a particular time and then patch all servers I suspect it won’t help with the above.