How to remove broken nodes from a Rancher managed cluser

Hi all,

On one of my rancher managed clusters, two nodes are broken. I have no way of getting them back online. I want to remove them and add two more nodes.

~ $ kubectl get nodes
NAME       STATUS     ROLES               AGE     VERSION
master01   Ready      controlplane,etcd   24d     v1.17.2
worker01   Ready      worker              24d     v1.17.2
worker02   Ready      worker              24d     v1.17.2
worker03   Ready      worker              24d     v1.17.2
worker04   NotReady   worker              5d22h   v1.17.2
worker05   NotReady   worker              5d22h   v1.17.2

Will deleting these from RancherUI be sufficient or I have to perform some other steps as well, like kubectl delete node against this cluster?

Thank you,

delete node or when not possible remove via the api webpage