How to renew certificates on Rancher UI-Server

Hello, dear Rancher Experts!
I use a Single-Node Rancher-Server (v2.1.10) which controls a couple of k8s clusters.
Today the Rancher-Server didn’t start because of:

Waiting on etcd startup: Get https://localhost:2379/health: x509: certificate has expired or is not yet valid

I know, how to rotate certificates on k8s-clusters. But: how can I rotate them on Racher server itself?

Thank You very much!

I could solv the problem on my own:

For v.2.1.10:

  1. Make a backup of a docker container inside of wich the rancher server runs.
  2. Connect to the ranchr server container and start bash: docker exec -it bash
  3. Inside of this bash: remove the expired certificate AND the backup of them:
  • rm /etc/kubernetes/ssl/*
  • rm /var/lib/rancher/management-state/certs/bundle.json
  1. Restart rancher server container: docker restart

After that the certs in /etc/kubernetes/ssl/ are re-generated.