How to set winbind user as the default user in login screen?

I have joined AD on SLED 12 SP3 via krb5-client & samba-winbind. And I also configured Smart Card authentication on it too, with pam_pkcs11, mozilla-nss, mozilla-nss-tools, pcsc-lite, pcsc-ccid, opensc, coolkey & pcsc-tools.
After configed pam via '‘pam-config -a --winbind’, I can find two users on the login screen: one is the local user and the other is the domain user. After I selected the domain user and inserted the smart card’s pin, I can login as the domain user.
But I want to set the domain user as the default login user. In another word, if I plugged in the smartcard, there is only the winbind user on the login screen. After I plugged off the smartcard, the local user will on the login screen.
I tried to modify the files under /etc/pam.d, but it seems that the modification did not take effect. Can somebody help me? Thanks a lot.


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