How to specify which node to delete when downscaling?

Situation: I have a cluster (on AWS) managed by Rancher (so not EKS), the setup works all good, and I can add and remove nodes by clicking plus or minus.

Problem… I would like to decide WHICH node is being removed when I click minus, but don’t seem able to. I’ve tried cordoning and draining a node, but which node is removed still appears random.

In my specific situation it appears one node failed to upgrade to the K8S 1.11, and I had added another. How do I now remove that 1.10 node?


I would also be interested in this functionality. This would be very useful for implementing with the cluster autoscaler ( Currently since a node is deleted at random on scaledown we cannot control which node is deleted by the cluster-autoscaler.

We really could use this.