How to upgrade docker-compose.yml in a running Stack


I’ve created a Stack by providing a docker-compose.yml. I see that there’s an Upgrade button next to each container, but as far as I understand how this works it’s no use - each service in compose file has a specific version assigned.

What I would like is to update the docker-compose.yml file, and redeploy (Upgrade) only those services (containers) which have new version.

Does that make any sense? :slight_smile:


What your saying makes sense but is not there. The UI has yaml import as a one-time convenience to get a stack into the UI. If you want to continually work with yaml file use the CLI/compose tools where you have tools to edit and compare them; working with yaml in a browser is not pleasant.

Ok, that’s fine, but I’m having trouble finding the docs about updating docker-compose.yml in any way, not just via UI…would you mind providing the link?

Download links are in the page footer (“Download CLI”)

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Hm, there’s a link at the bottom of this page - - about upgrading, but it’s 404 -

From what I see in the docs, I’d do something like rancher-compose up -d --upgrade, right? That would upgrade only those services for which I’ve changed stuff (version or whatever)?