How to upgrade local cluster?

I’ve been able to upgrade Rancher on my local cluster, and K8s on my worker cluster that it is managing, but I don’t see a way to upgrade the K8s running on “local” (management/fleet?) cluster?

I’m running Rancher v2.7.1

Worker cluster: K8s: v1.24.9
Local cluster (fleet): v1.22.7

I’d like to get local cluster on v1.24.9.

Reading the docs only gives instructions for worker cluster, as these options are not available on the local/fleet.

Thanks, bro for the solution.

Identify the desired target version you want to upgrade your cluster to. Depending on the cluster management tool, you may need to perform sequential upgrades, going through intermediate versions, or you might be able to jump directly to the desired target version. Follow the recommended upgrade path specified in the documentation.

I also got a solution,
Enhance the control plane.
Upgrade your cluster’s nodes.
Upgrade clients like kubectl.
Change manifests and other resources to reflect the API changes that come with the new Kubernetes version.

Upgrading a local cluster involves updating the software, components, and configurations of the cluster to a newer version. The specific steps to upgrade your local cluster depend on the type of cluster you have (e.g., Hadoop, Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, etc.).

I’m facing difficulties upgrading the Kubernetes version on my management or “local” cluster. Currently, I’m running Rancher v2.7.1, and my worker cluster has been upgraded to Kubernetes v1.24.9. My management cluster is still stuck on Kubernetes v1.22.7. The challenge is that the Rancher documentation seems to provide upgrade instructions only for worker clusters, and I can’t find a straightforward way to initiate the Kubernetes upgrade on the management cluster.