How to use kubectl

which container i can attend to use kubectl command to vi yuml files.
I want to use kubectl to create Deployment or other things.
In the http mode. vi command is too difficult to use.

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You can have kubectl on your local machine, and download the kubeconfig file from the cluster dashboard and place it in ~/.kube/config as instructed on the screen.


So technically I can only manage one cluster at a time from my local machine, or update the config each time I want to switch to another cluster?

Good question - I didn’t think of that before… and since I will be managing more than one cluster…

Well the YAML has clusters: as an array, so presumably you can put in multiple cluster definitions. Same goes for contexts array and users array.

So, presumably, you can combine multiple configuration into one.

I do believe my config file is correct but I am only able to access one cluster at a time, the last one listed in the config file. This transition which was planned to only take two weeks at most is turning into a lot longer, not too happy with the direction Rancher is headed towards but I remain optimistic.

Kubectl is not rancher… that’s kubernetes. Rancher does not do more than give you configs for kubectl.

Seems like someone is listening…

This may be of help to access multiple cluster:

I created a light Kubectl container (~45Mb didn’t find equivalent) so that it enables you with many possibilities (multiple config files, running from docker on your sys or directly from K8s Pods, Jobs, CronJobs…):
Hope this helps.